Painting: 12 ideas for brightening your house with paint

To punctuate an area without volume, light up a room facing north, or visually enlarge a small area, painting is a great tool to correct defects of a room. Our post presents the most attractive ideas to transform the space easily with color.

Is your room small, a little dark, or lack a high ceiling? Do not panic, everything can be corrected with a little paint. Cultivate a sense of space with a cooler colored wall, illuminating a space badly exposed with a warm hue – a room’s color reveals the personality of the house. To your brushes!

1. Enlarge the area with a cool color

Your living room is small? Invite a cool color on one or two walls of the room to install a sense of space. Cool colors have the power to increase the feeling of space; they do not stop the eye movement in its tracks.

By optical effect, a room with a colored wall in these shades seems more long and slender! And, to bring some warm notes on the woodwork, a lemon yellow placed on two adjacent doors can be a winning duo!

2. Invest in a space with soft shades of monochrome

The good trick to boost interior a little sad and make it color without taking risks? People often forget to invest time in their staircase, for example.

3. Give the illusion of a high ceiling with paint

The principle of the wall “shadow” is probably one of the most effective expedients to spare a good impression of ceiling height when it is lacking. The idea: to create a gradient color with paint, light or stronger, reserving the darker shade for the bottom part of the wall and the lighter for the top. Result: the wall appears more slender and more breathing room. Convenient! 

4. Light up a dark space with paint

In addition to their undeniable cheerful side, warm colors have the power to light up a dark room or badly exposed.

5. Delineate the space with paint

Sometimes difficult to delineate the different housing units when space is open. Why not assign this role to painting? We also like the effect of the circle graph all the way to the ceiling. Contemporary desire!

6. Extend a cramped space with a soft color

To extend a room corner without charm is sometimes a bit forgotten. By laying color on the lower third of the wall and the reference on the adjoining door, in the proportions and perspectives are complimenting.

7. Boosting a small kitchen with a ground color block

To revitalize a room when space is limited, invest your efforts in a great idea! Some colorful decor elements can make all the difference; such as an article suspended from the ceiling can make the room take on a whole nother dimension.

8. Create volumes in the room with an illustration made painting

Are volumes lacking in the living room or bedroom? Why not bet on a stylized illustration, which is very easy to achieve with painting. A nice trick to provide relief to a room, without any tedious work! mountain drawings made in a quartet of soft colors, simple geometric forms or nice gradient of pastel colors; be creative!

9. Reinvent a brick wall with dark paint

Want a good idea to beautify an area without character? Emphasize the edges and the frame of the play room with color. For a chic and elegant result, we bet on a dull, deep color, like an intense blue that totally reinvents a brick wall.

10. Modernizing a classical piece by dressing a color door

In this classic lounge with moldings, parquet and marble fireplace, a green acid placed on the door of the room completely reinvents the space and gives it a contemporary feel welcome. And it reveals the sublime and totally green khaki placed on the four walls of the living room.

11. Engendering a designer kitchen with a score of pink paint

The perfect trick to soften a kitchen design is by providing a touch of fantasy. Wrap some of its volumes in a soft, feminine color as pink stitching elegant. Include niches and shelves, of course, to multiply the graphic effect!

12. Revamp a room corner with geometric shapes

Use paint to energize a room without personality, make a touch of originality and improvise an angle formwork of artwork. How? Just with a graphic flatness, draw some abstract lines and shapes with a range of colors to acheive the desired effect. Wonderful!

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